NOZE IoT Photoelectric
Smoke Alarm


Meet NOZE, Smell Most, Be Your AI Nose.

Let wireless be a part of your life. I am faster and more secure.

Smart Home

The New Era of Fire Prevention


With NOZE, you can easily monitor the fire safety condition of your premises at anytime, anywhere. Detect fire, save lives!

Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting?

Operates with secure wireless networks, so your device is always stable, at any time, from any location.


Every Second Counts

The Split-spectrum Sensor detects fast and slow-burning fires.


Sends alerts to your phone in case you are not home.



Long-Lasting Battery

Keeps you safe and sound for up to 5 years.




Available in Chinese(Traditional), Chinese(Simplified), and English(UK). The overview provides all the alerts, drill tests, device installation, error history and live status. All the device history will be kept in your account for 365days.

NOZE IoT Photoelectric Smoke Alarm

Emergency is Just a Click Away



You may click on our “Emergency Call” button to dial 999 directly when there is a fire alert.   

Locate the Fire



You can rename the device and pin the installation location by uploading a floor plan or an image. When there is an emergency, our app will show where the fire is located.  

Alert your Emergency Contact



Share the fire alerts with your family and other users. You may add a maximum of two emergency contacts to the NOZE app. When smoke is detected, they will receive an instant SMS message and email alert. 

Secure Wireless Network

NOZE adopts the LoRaWAN(1) wireless technology, with large coverage, secure network and fast data transmission. In case your premises do not have an active broadband network or phone signal, NOZE can still function normally.

(1) The technology and its frequency bands are approved by the Hong Kong Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA). 

24/7 Protection

24/7 protection in multiple scenarios. With the long-life battery design, NOZE can function without interruptions even if your premises experience an electricity outage due to the fire. We strive to provide you with the most efficient and reliable fire protection service.

Tech Specs



Product Name

NOZE IoT Photoelectric Smoke Alarm

Dimensions & Weight

Diameter: 110mm

Depth: 36.3mm

Weight: 121g


Millet White

Battery & Life Time

Battery: External DC 3V(CR17450) Lithium

Life Time: 5 Years




Fixed frequency 868M (CC1310)

Alarm Volume

Sound Pattern: 3 short beeps,1.5 seconds pause,3 short beeps,4.5 seconds pause, repeat it.

Wireless Alarm Pattern: Bi 0.2s – pause 0.1s – Bi 0.2s – pause 1.2s, with the red LED flashing every 1.0 second, repeat this alarm pattern.

Operating Temp

≤95% relative humidity (RH)

  • LoRa Alliance End Device Certification Requirements for EU 868MHz ISM Band
  • EN14604:2005 + AC:2008

Download NOZE App

NOZE app is now available at Google Play and App Store. Download now and experience our smart home fire protection service!