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Smart Management

Why to choose NOZE? 

At NOZE, we get rid of the conventional panel-linked smoke detectors and adopt LoRaWAN wireless technology. Our device is highly flexible and can be transformed into different combinations according to needs.  

Enabling Real-time Fire Alerts

Emergency is Just a Click Away

Seek for Help in case of Smoke Detected

Utilize the LoRaWAN Network

Faster, More Secure & More Stable

Stand-alone Detectors

Function Normally in Adverse Situations 

Towards Smart Management

Locate the Fire

Respond Immediately in an Emergency 

Alert your Emergency Contact

Automatically Share your Fire Alerts


Manage All your Device with NOZE App  

Smart Property Management

Scope of application of NOZE 

NOZE is a versatile solution that fits in multiple scenarios, especially for providing temporary fire protection on construction and renovation sites. NOZE is flexible and practical, which is also suitable for smart property management 

Construction & Renovation Sites

Protect the Area when the Conventional Fire Systems are Disabled. 


Keep Fire at Bay 

Commercial & Industrial Buildings

Enabling Smart Property Management  

Temporary Structures

Provide Temporary Fire Protection


Available in Chinese(Traditional), Chinese(Simplified), and English(UK). The overview provides all the alerts, drill tests, device installation, error history and live status. All the device history will be kept in your account for 365days.

Emergency is Just a Click Away

You may click on our “Emergency Call” button to dial 999 directly when there is a fire alert.   

Locate the Fire



You can rename the device and pin the installation location by uploading a floor plan or an image. When there is an emergency, our app will show where the fire is located.  

Fire Alarm Control Panel

Alert your Emergency Contact



By fire alarm control panel, Share the fire alerts with your family and other users. You may add a maximum of two emergency contacts to the NOZE app. When smoke is detected, they will receive an instant SMS message and email alert. 

Secure Wireless Network

NOZE adopts the LoRaWAN(1) wireless technology, with large coverage, secure network and fast data transmission. In case your premises do not have an active broadband network or phone signal, NOZE can still function normally.

(1) The technology and its frequency bands are approved by the Hong Kong Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA). 

Huge Potential in LoRaWAN Technologies

Equipped with the existing LoRaWAN wireless network, NOZE holds huge development potential.

In addition to the existing fire protection system, various IoT devices can be adopted to provide diversified smart city management services.

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