NOZE Basic Subscription

$150 / month for 12 months

  • NOZE App User Account 
  • NOZE IoT Smoke Detector 
  • After-fire Replacement 
  • Offsite maintenance 

*Client subscribed to NOZE Basic Subscription Service is required to return the NOZE IoT Smoke Detector after the contract period or after the termination of service. 

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Tech Specs



Product Name

NOZE IoT Photoelectric Smoke Alarm

Dimensions & Weight

Diameter: 110mm

Depth: 36.3mm

Weight: 121g 


Millet White

Battery & Life Time

Battery: External DC 3V(CR17450) Lithium

Life Time: 5 Years 




Fixed frequency 868M (CC1310)

Alarm Volume

Sound Pattern: 3 short beeps,1.5 seconds pause,3 short beeps,4.5 seconds pause, repeat it.

Wireless Alarm Pattern: Bi 0.2s – pause 0.1s – Bi 0.2s – pause 1.2s, with the red LED flashing every 1.0 second, repeat this alarm pattern.

Operating Temp

≤95% relative humidity (RH)

  • LoRa Alliance End Device Certification Requirements for EU 868MHz ISM Band
  • EN14604:2005 + AC:2008